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Rabbit Damage

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Are you tired of having local wildlife contingent on making your lawn their own personal excavation site?

When you have an unusual amount of animal activity on your lawn, it might be an indication your lawn has an insect problem. However, that is not always the case. Rabbits, specifically, will eat grass as a tasty treat…all the way down to the root, which ultimately causes stress to the plant. And the concentration of their urine can also create brown spots.

Keep an eye out for rabbit droppings, especially in areas of your yard that are worn down, bare and/or brown. If rabbits are present, deterring them immediately is recommended. If there is an abundance of grass and weeds, they will generally stick around. In fact, most rabbits spend their lives living in a ten-acre radius, so without deterrent, there’s a good chance moms and their litters will be there to stay.

Although eliminating rabbit families in your yard can be tricky, it is possible. By maintaining a healthy lawn and trying your best to prevent their return, they will eventually seek refuge elsewhere. Below are a few tips to get you started:
  • Eliminate “hiding spots” by mowing your grass regularly, and trimming shrubs and bushes. 
  • Water regularly, focusing on the areas where you’re noticing damage.
  • Regular fertilization will help, supplying the grass with nutrients and encouraging new growth.
  • Consider fencing the area to keep rabbits away.
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