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Weed Man Lawn Care Bloomington Normal, IL relies on the success of its customers, which is why we care for your lawn as if it were our own. Read what other Bloomington Normal, IL Weed Man customers have to say about their experience with us and our services.

“Technicians Matt and Max knocked on the door and verified that it was okay to apply the scheduled treatment to our lawn. They were professional, quick, and I really appreciated them talking to us before the application. These guys went above and beyond in their customer service.”
~ Mr. & Mrs. Stanton
"Yard looks great"
~ Chad K
"Weed Man has been great to work with. Our lawn looks so much better."
~ Kelli W
"Weed Man service has been consistently very good. The only time I had to call to specifically request something additional was last summer when I had an abundance of crabgrass in my yard. I called the office and spoke with personnel. Within a few days a technician had treated my lawn. Within a few weeks, the technician had come back to assess the state of the lawn which was MUCH improved. Excellent service - timely, complete."
~ Erin E
"Weed Man provides good lawn care services and we have always been satisfied with their service and the results they produce."
~ Richard S
"Very responsive company! I am very happy with the service so far."
~ Mark B
"Very happy with the service and results!"
~ Lynda K
"Very good!"
~ Andrew H
"Thanks for your hard work and looking out for my lawn."
~ Andrew O
"Technician John is great...Very nice man and appears to care about my yard."
~ Bonnie B
"Many people comment on how good our yard looks!"
~ Daette P
"Lawn looks good!"
~ Roger K
"Keep up the good work. Our lawn is dramatically better since you started providing service. It went from being completely overrun with weeds to beautiful lush green grass!"
~ Dave D
"In the beginning I wondered if I made the right choice in lawn care, but now I can tell you my yard has never looked better!! Give the process an opportunity to work and I believe you will be as happy as I am."
~ Hal G
"I particularly like that office staff follows up during the season to check on how things are going, asking questions and then providing solutions if the sense any issues. I had such a followup call a few days ago, and a technician was here this morning to treat weeds still present after the last normal treatment."
~ Paul C
"I never had the chance to call after the May visit to thank the technician for NOT spraying on the new grass seed I had just put down a few days before. They came without knowledge of the grass seed and were thoughtful enough not to kill it."
~ Sonya S
"I left last year to go to another one because I was not happy with the numerous technicians. Needless to say that was not a good thing. I am back. Weed Man is the best in town."
~ Florence C
"I have lived in my home since it was built 10 years ago. I began using Weedman's services last season and continued this season. Previous to that I used another well recognized service in the Bloomington Normal area. I cannot begin to explain the dramatic difference in my lawn since I have been using Weedman's services. My grass is lush and deep green. It is beautiful!!!! It has no weeds. I could not be happier."
~ Sally K
"I am impressed by the person who does my treatments. I had my lawnmore out and he made sure it was ok for me to mow after the application had been applied. Great service. Also my neighbors fence blew over into my lawn and I was notified that the application was done under it. Great service!!!!"
~ Linda W
"I am a very picky person and if I am happy with your service than anyone should be."
~ Steve F
"Having the text heads up prior to treatments has been great! It's good to know when someone is coming so I can get the yard mowed prior to the treatment. It also gives us the opportunity to get the "dog land mines" picked up in the back yard:)"
~ Bradley B
"Good value, great quality and excellent service."
~ Patrick P
"Excellent customer service!"
~ Kathy D
"Especially appreciate the addition weed applications any time I see weeds in my yard."
~ Marianne G
“First season using Weed Man. So far so good I guess.”
~ Dennis F
"Appreciate the text Notice of upcoming service and no hassle rescheduling if needed."
~  Joe Mikulecky 
“Impressive so far.”
~ Rick Davis

“The Weed Man service guys are great. They always take a few minutes to chat with me if I see him before he leaves. The MOST IMPORTANT thing about Weed Man is that I have the BEST looking lawn in my neighborhood. Even during dry spells and the lawn is stressed. I'm not exaggerating. ALL MY NEIGHBORS have white clover gradually invading. My lawn? A little over 1/3 of nothing but grass. Great service. Very reasonable prices. Great service personnel! Awesome lawn! I'd recommend you in a heartbeat!”
~ Douglas Wohlers 

“Thanks for making our lawn the best on the block!”
~ Kirstine Cottone 
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